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The Blue Hour by Rexx Life Raj

The Blue Hour by Berkeley, California's Rexx Life Raj is an island of introspection in a sea of braggadocio. It’s rare that an artist really opens up and invites the listener in to watch them navigate pain, grief, solace, and the cycle therein. But yet this exact formula is what made artists like DMX, Tupac, Lil Boosie, Mac Miller, etc timeless staples in people's lives to always be remembered for helping them out of a hard place. That's exactly what Raj will be immortalized for with The Blue Hour.

Having lost both his parents within months of each other his latest offering plays like a live therapy session going through the rollercoaster of emotions between grief and healing. The project is narrated by his mother through pre-recorded phone calls, her prayers and messages take things to the next level of personal. On track 2, “New Normal” Raj toils with the idea that this pain is something he’ll have with him forever. Something that he has to find a way to normalize in order to attempt to heal. On songs like, “Hands and Knees” and “Balance” he details remaining calm to the public while being torn on the inside. Something we all can relate to.

Looked in the mirror and realized I was all I had Had fam and the gang as a landing pad But if I don't steer the plane it then this still crash I had to leave you in the past, I don't feel bad Know it's still love, ain't no ill will fam I just had to stay around people who wanted it real bad Or at least as bad as I do - Rexx Life Raj, Save Yourself

A well rounded offering, songs like, “Beauty In The Madness” featuring Wale and afro-beats star Fireboy DML have the potential to be worldwide hits. But this album will be remembered most for helping anyone dealing with loss realize that they are not alone. That healing is a process that some say is never complete. That there is always light at the end of the tunnel and The Blue Hour held your hand and walked you toward it.

Released: July 15, 2022

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