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APRIL 27TH, 2024

Peace peace!

It has been another abundant week for Hip Hop / Rap, and as always – we have you covered in a few different fronts at CROWNTHEM ENT.

This last Friday, INNERVIEW 020 (condensed version) was released on Swiss Army Radio in Atlanta, GA. This episode highlights the music of Phoenix artist Lord RA, giving an exclusive look into his latest project, AKATA. If you tuned in, thank you – more to come!

Also released this last week – Q1 - ‘24 – an unedited playlist featuring over 200 tracks, a large collection that dropped between January and March this year. A vast majority of the songs are from LPs/EPs/mixtapes more so than singles. Available on YT too. Best on shuffle.

And of course, the weekly visual playlist, WV - 031.


YOKOZUNA TRILL by Bun B | Houston, TX

This Message Will Self Destruct by Don Trip | Memphis, TN

Time Is Currency by Termanology x NasteeLuvzou | Lawrence, MA

Don’t Grow Up Too Soon by Nascent | Chicago, IL

Love & Service by Brother Ali x UnJust | Madison, WI

The Disrespect by AFN Peso | Houston, TX

Black Sheep + by Cakes Da Killa | Brooklyn, NY

NxBoDies by i.F. x Chuuwee x iMAGiNARY OTHER | Sacramento, CA

Princess of Pop That by Anycia | Atlanta, GA

Mnt. Snug by Ahmad Anonimis | Stone Mountain, GA

Planned Attacks … by Fifthpower | Louisville, KY / Elkins Park, PA

Sensory Overload by Gritfall | Toronto, ON

THE BOOK OF GIDEON by Daylan Gideon x Argov | Atlanta, GA

Black Blues Brothers by Halal Boys (Lord RA x Gorgeous Jefe) | Phoenix, AZ

Da Naez Show by Erdnaez the Weapon x DeevoDaGenius | Lowell, MA

Requiem For A Dream by Nofacesoprano | Houston, TX

Grey Area by Jxylen | Springfield, MA

Bona Fide New Man. by Mark Lux | Los Angeles, CA

Lyla’s Cafe by Myke Bogan x CRSN | Portland, OR

brUUUuuuhHHHhhhh by SIDEWAALK KAL | New York, NY

The Lion’s Share 3: Pride Of The Lion by SUBSTANCE810 x Observe Since 98 | Detroit, MI

Cali Bearers, Vol. 2 by 1 A.M. x Senor Gigio | Bay Area, CA

The Separation by Big Sad 1900 x MikeMadeThe808s | Los Angeles, CA

Raheem Dead, Somebody Shot Em by Rx Papi | Rochester, NY

MOBBIOSO by Scando The Darklord x Mani Draper | Bay Area, CA

APRIL 20TH, 2024

APRIL 13TH, 2024

APRIL 6TH, 2024



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