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MAY 18TH, 2024

Welcome back!

This week may have seen a slight dip in releases (~100), but the quality remains undeniably strong. 

To assist in the navigation of new releases, I’ve compiled/curated a visual playlist featuring 60 recent music videos, album trailers, interviews, commercials, etc. from the Hip Hop / Rap realm. 

WV - 034: roy kinsey x Purple Box Performance, 1 A.M. x Señor Gigio, Isai x Por Vida, Willyynova, Jizzy Blanco, Trizz x MIKE SUMMERS, AHMIR, KAIL PROBLEMS x DJ HOPPA, TOP HOOTER x Shaykh Hanif x Dun Dealy x BoriRock, Beanz, KLAMAR, Guapdad 4000, ILLMAC, Mike Shabb, Stack Mari x Louie Ray, 22nd Jim, Dee Green, EBK Young Joc, Big Hit x Hit-Boy x The Alchemist, Peezy +++ 

ALL OTHER VISUAL * unedited + edited * PLAYLISTS.

Additionally, here is a selection of 25 LPs/EPs/mixtapes/demos that deserve more ears. 


Please Don’t Cry by Rapsody | Snow Hill, NC #RICHAXXHAITIAN by Mach-Hommy | Port-au-Prince, Haiti

God’s Will by Marcus Ariah | Newark, NJ

Bars & Noble by Heem B$F | Buffalo, NY

Figuring Out My Emotions by Kamaiyah | Oakland, CA

In It to Win It by Brill 4 The Thrill | Bay Area, CA

OPPS CAN’T HAVE FUN by Shootergang Kony | Sacramento, CA

Sewaside III by Mike Shabb | Montreal, QC

Northside by Raz Fresco x Daniel Son | Toronto, ON

7000ZINGS by BoriRock | Boston, MA

psalms for the restless & tired by Por Vida | TX In The Meantime EP by CRIM | Detroit, MI

#Distractions by O Dawg | Brooklyn, NY

635 by Wiseboy Jeremy | NJ

Days Run Together by Gary Junior | Vallejo, CA

White Lines by Fendi P | New Orleans, LA

BEAST by Kil The Artist x Billy Escobar | Boston, MA

Have Money Have Heart by Payroll Giovanni | Detroit, MI

TALK SOON by Mutant Academy | Richmond, VA

Live from Shady Oaks 6 by Meezy | Jackson, MS

Trust No1 by Sh3llz | Detroit, MI

Vulture Vulture Culture Culture by J Scienide | Washington, D.C.

Family First by Rico Blacc | Chattanooga, TN

QUANTUMANIA by New Villain x Walz | Canada

eMOTIONal by Dash the G.O.A.T. | Houston, TX

MAY 11TH, 2024

MAY 4TH, 2024



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