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Pacman da Gunman - Less Is More


South Central artist Pacman da Gunman drops off his 2nd project this year, Less Is More. The EP follows his collaborative album with Vallejo's Yhung T.O., Lord Knows released in January. Less Is More displays Pacman da Gunman's celebration of growth and overall maturation since his last solo release from 2020, Esta Loca Vida Mia.

While Pacman da Gunman has always delivered motivational lyrics and stories in previous releases there are moments in Less Is More that further express his elevation as a human and artist. The EP opens up with the song, "The Truth," that truly speaks for itself with lines like,

"I'm the truth and I've been that"


"Ain't no sales pitch this shit is authentic"

The EP then moves into the song, "Hunnit Thousand," where Pacman da Gunman paints what his life looks like in the present moment; he's tellin' us how he feels, what he sees and how he's executing his dreams. In this song and throughout Less Is More Pacman da Gunman shows a balance of hustle and celebration and how that can lead to a luxurious life (depending on what luxury looks like for you.)

"Feelin' like a hunnit thousand, smokin' gas while we clownin'/ sippin' Ace of Spaces while we countin'"

What Pacman da Gunman does well is his economy of language and precision through simplicity. He doesn't have to say much to give the idea. "Feelin' like a hunnit thousand," literally is a solid amount especially acquired by self but a hundred thousand, I imagine, entices one to acquire even more. So, while he's feelin' like a solid amount there's still this unspoken message that there's still more to get.

The next song, "Appealin'" is my favorite of the EP. The song showcases Pacman da Gunman's reflection, self improvement and influence/impression on his friends and those near him. He's tellin' the audience of where his mind state used to be and where it's at now due to opportunity, preparation and hustle. And just off the song title, "Appealin" he's signaling that there's another life he's discovered that's more appealing than what he used to know and do.

"I used to want to go and kill the witness now my niggas all building business, now my niggas all drivin' Benzs and I'm livin' like 'fuck the ceiling'"

"A Million Ways" carries on the motivational mindset of the EP as well as the catalyst movement of Pacman da Gunman. The song highlights how anyone can be shown the way to create and conquer your dreams (given the opportunity,) but it's still on them what they decide to do with it. He says it a couple different ways in the song,

"There's a million different ways you can go and get it but it's really up to you, its one way to print it"


"I can take you to the water it's up to you if you drink it."

The preceding two songs, "Zero Tolerance" features Nipsey Hussle and Sacramento's Mozzy and "Did That" features Detroit's Icewear Vezzo were singles leading up to the release of Less Is More. It was dope hearing posthumous verse from Nipsey paired with Pacman and Mozzy. "Did That" felt like the stronger of the two singles with Icewear Vezzo adding a different texture/flow and memorable hook,

"Chain heavy, gun heavy but the Benz fast/ niggas braggin' on some shit but we did that/ when you making all this money it's hard to kick back."

The EP moves into "One Piece" featuring Wale which could be another radio single just off of how Wale is able to elevate a track into mainstream domain. He comes on slidin' to West Coast production and makes it his own. Then of course, Pacman da Gunman delivers his verse with another catchy hook. The final song is a remix to "Better Know It" (off his 2019 release No Guts No Glory,) but this time featuring Memphis artist Blac Youngsta, who adds different colors to the song.

Pacman da Gunman's Less Is More is pure motivational music for those building and climbing from the bottom with dreams, goals and active movements to achieve them all. If you're unfamiliar with Pacman da Gunman, he's an artist I easily throw in rotation with Skeme, Problem, AD, G Perico, Mozzy, Nipsey, Larry June and etc. Music that can really change and catalyze a growth mindset in all aspects of life. Be sure to check out the project below!


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