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Noir Or Never by Che Noir x Big Ghost Ltd.

“Yeah I sip from barstools in Miami / If you ain’t felt the pain I felt it’s hard to understand me / My cuz Juwan got killed, it’s hard losing your family / I was so young I still had cartoons on my panties” - Resilient

Che Noir starts Women's History Month off by making history with another flaming hot project, Noir Or Never. (Also I wanna put my vote in for album cover of the year, Noir Or Never is a top contender.) Che flows effortlessly over Big Ghost LTD soundscapes, and there's some great features with 7xvethegenius shining the brightest among the pack with her assist on "Veracruz", which happens to be my favorite!

This is definitely a group project and Che Noir enlists the help of Flee Lord, D-Styles (Scratches), Planet Asia, 7xvethegenius, Skyzoo, Ransom, and 38 Spesh. It’s fun for me to see who’s collaborating with a rising artist, seeing certain names on a features list has always been an affirming stamp, Che Noir is in great company. Give Noir or Never it a listen now rather than later.

Favorite Tracks: Veracruz, Quiet Moves, Sleep Paralysis

Words by Monk

Released: March 3, 2023 Region / City: Buffalo, NY

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