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The Rapture by Bbyafricka

Bbyafricka has been steadily building her sound since 2018 (and quite possibly before then too.) Her early releases like Brain Damage (2018,) laid the foundation, while projects like BIGAFRICKA (2021) showcased her unique style. In 2021, she also dropped Freak of the Nile featuring a star-studded lineup with Lil Yachty, Hook, Quadie Diesel, ZelooperZ and others. She continued to experiment in 2022 with The Art of Geekin and most recently impressed with The Rapture.

Bbyafricka first caught my ear in 2021 with her project BIGAFRICKA. Tracks like “POP IT” and “FREDDY KRUGER” showcased a unique style that rewards close listening. Bbyafricka’s flow is infectious, her delivery captivating and the production on her tracks is dissimilar to anything else out there. It’s a sound that’s both challenging and strangely beautiful, setting her apart from a deluge of derivatives. The Rapture feels like the next step in her artistic journey, and I can only imagine her fanbase and reputation continuing to grow. 

The Rapture offers a pleasant surprise and a deeper dive into her artistry. It’s always exciting to hear women enter genres/subgenres where men have historically dominated, adding their own unique flavor – not by imitation, but by creating music steeped in their own experiences, shaped by their land, culture, and the people around them. The Rapture is a strong testament to that. 



Notable tracks: “Baton Rouge” “Ain’t No Hoe” “Rx”

Released: January 1, 2024 Region/City: Inglewood, CA



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