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Huey Briss - Grace Park Legend


Simply put, Grace Park Legend by Long Beach native, Huey Briss is a masterpiece - true 1of1. It is a soulful, positive, laid-back and ambitious storytelling in poetic form. The way in which Huey Briss crafts his stories allows the listener to feel as though they are riding backseat listening and visualizing his stories and where he is from. Lyrics that switch from lessons, growth, elevation and celebration of wins.

The array of content across Grace Park Legend makes it pretty difficult to choose a favorite song. The intro to the album, "Grace Park Legend (Norfside)" has an amazing sample that adds to the geographical context of Huey Briss.

There's two interludes/instrumental tracks, "Courtney's Garage," "Tears Of A Clown (Argiato)" and "Pokemon Cards," which Huey did 2 freestyles visually for promo.


There are also songs like, "Huey Briss Is Happy" that highlights Huey Briss' positive mind frame, mental state and no need for anyone outside of himself, family and friends. It's refreshing to hear the way in which Huey expresses his happiness in this track. Real self-love. It's not a matter of "look at what I got"/braggadocios bars but reflective happiness of personal growth and where he's at in his journey.

"To be yourself is to free yourself, happy that I need no one else/ I keep my distance from these fools, roll one up and keep my cool."

Then there are songs like, "All Right" and "Lasers" that reflective on challenges but certain and confident in the fact that things will elevate in a positive way. Especially the outro on "All Right" aids in the notion that your challenges are specific for your path, accept them and grow from them.

Towards the end of Grace Park Legend Huey delivers songs like, "Helicopter Pads" and "Orange" that hold space for celebration of the present and growth but also a starting place for what more is to come. Whenever I'm not spinnin' the album, I'm thinking about it and especially the lyrics,

"Now we got helicopter pads at the top of the cribs/ niggas gettin' mad because I talk what I live, I'm just gettin' money bro, it is what it is"

The entire album is produced by Inland Empire artist Nikobeats who also produced Huey's first album, Black Wax. Grace Park Legend has appearances from Reuben Vincent and fellow Long Beach artists Seafood Sam and A. Lynn.

If ya ain't heard it yet it is well worth your time & more. Writing & production are impeccable.


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1 Comment

May 16, 2021

hi! any idea what song the "northside" sample is from? being a music lover and avid sample-finder, I'm dying to know! -tessa mesa

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