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Seafood Sam - Rocco's World


Long Beach artist Seafood Sam is back with his latest release, Rocco's World. The album is an embodiment of what Seafood claims in the intro, "some old player shit," and with any real player shit you can expect truth, motivation, wit and luxury delivered in the flyest of forms. Out the gate, Seafood Sam sets the tone in the intro track, "Cuban Linx" purely off his line,

"I"m so North I should get a tattoo of Sansa/ you gotta learn how to play it smooth & conquer."

The smoothness is also apparent in the use of the sample of "Fuck My Car" by UGK on the song, "Lil Boy, Old Soul." While the infamous line loops in the background Seafood Sam touches on everything from family, women and the integrity of his soul and craft.

Seafood Sam also has lines that further aligns/affiliates him geographically like in the song "Apple Eve" where he shouts out other Long Beach artist Joey Fatts & his business/label "Cutthroat."

"Better than most, the black sheep turned to goat/ word to Joey I'mma cut me a throat & that's on Northside, double up if you short 5."

This is a project without any skips and at any point of any song there is a poignant line that I could highlight but it's best y'all just give it a listen for yourself. Rocco's World includes production from MelloMatt, NiceGuyXVinny, Cam The Chef & Damablanca and features artists Huey Briss and Rae Khalil.

Rocco's World is for sunny days or times you need motivation and beautiful production. Every track is a scene from the day2day of Seafood Sam chasin' and conquering his dreams. If you play this around your uncles, aunts, moms, dads, cousins, grandparents - the whole family gonna be groovin' to it. If you play this around your friends or your significant others - they gonna be groovin' to it. If you play it to yourself - you'll be groovin' to it. The beauty and positive energy of Rocco's World is undeniable.


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