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The city of Compton has been known as a hip-hop powerhouse since the genres

inception. NWA in the 80’s and 90’s, The Game in the early 2000’s, the current consensus

GOAT Kendrick Lamar in the 2010’s, and now Westside Boogie plans to take that baton and keep the marathon going. The CPT native has been making noise over the last couple of years and that hard work landed him a deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre’s Shady/Aftermath record label. June 17th he blessed the world with his latest offering MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES.

The 12 track project is the introspective thoughts of an inner city gang member as he

navigates through relationships, daddy issues, insecurities, and the streets. Recorded over soulful beats that help you connect even more to the personal lyrics delivered by Boogie and his signature lisp. On “ANTHONY” he raps,

“I really got this hate for you, I really hate for me cause n*ggas say I got my face from you/ this feeling ain’t sustainable but ain’t it true?”

Speaking to his relationship with his father. Lines like these show vulnerability in a time when a lot of mainstream music is superficial.

MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES is complete project that gives the listener a good balance between deep subjects, clever lyricism, and head nodding beats and melodies.

There’s a little something that mostly all hip-hop fans can enjoy. The sequencing makes the album flow intentionally and you can enjoy it from intro to outro. Westside Boogie definitely delivered a standout record for June, and 2022 so far.

Released: June 17, 2022

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