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The Great Escape by Larry June x The Alchemist

The Great Escape Larry June x The Alchemist

In professional sports a player usually makes their mark in their respective league after a “breakout” game or season. In music this happens after a “breakout” project. This is a project that takes an artist from a relatively recognized performer, to a household name amongst the so called casual listener. This is exactly what Larry June teamed up the legendary Alchemist to produce. The Great Escape is just that, an escape from the underground and into underground stardom!

Boasting big features from the likes of Big Sean, Action Bronson, Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, etc. Larry was able to thread the needle between having big names but still staying true to the sound that got him this far in the first place. The Alchemist laid out the perfect backdrop for Larry’s high class lifestyle lyrics that can be evidenced simply by glancing over the track listing. Titles like "Turkish Cotton," "Porsches In Spanish," "Art Talk," and "Ocean Sounds" let you know exactly what you can expect. The two artists come together so seamlessly it’s hard not to assume they’ve been working together since Larry’s start.

The Great Escape is a great example of sticking to your bread and butter but finding a way to still elevate it to the next level. A wide range of feature artists are sure to get Larry heard in many unfamiliar spaces, and create an array of new fans. Next time you plan on taking a drive, grab a fresh squeezed orange juice, take the scenic route, and make your great escape with The Great Escape, NUMBERS!

Words by Flynt Nixon Released: March 31, 2023 Region / City: San Francisco, CA

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