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The Bay Area's yellow Golden Child is back on scene with his latest release STUNNA! P-Lo has been a staple in the California music scene since his start with the legendary HBK Gang! From producing to rapping he’s carved a unique lane for himself and became a pseudo ambassador for the Filipino community. Tapping into hometown inspiration P-Lo’s recent project takes history and repeats it, beautifully.

Let’s say you took the Hyphy movement and gave it the latest iOS update, when it powered off and came back on you’d have STUNNA. The album is full of samples, interview clips, and soundbites from Bay Area pioneers like E-40, Keak Da Sneak, Mac Dre, and even DB The General. The art lies in the way he flips and molds them into songs that fit the modern soundscape. He keeps the theme consistent throughout the project sometimes subtly in an if you know you know type way. With features from today's Bay all-stars like Larry June, 22nd Jim, Kamaiyah, and LaRussell only helps to bridge the gap between classic and current. Further confirming that hyphy never died, it just evolved!

STUNNA is full of downright anthems, my favorites being songs like "Lightwitch" and "Viral." America’s Favorite Pinoy delivers again and further solidifies himself as a living legend. After a successful release party at the Chase Center, (home of the Golden State Warriors) it seems like P-Lo’s elevator only knows one direction, up!



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