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Hailing from Chicago, Pete (formerly known as Acr0bat) is a producer that I was unfamiliar with until I heard Jimmy Golden's recent album, "At Heaven's Gate." After receiving the album about a month before it was released I became more familiar with Pete's transitions and the ways he bends and morphs genre. Many times throughout listening to, "At Heaven's Gate," Pete changes pace and creates a sound that is at times "galactic chill." He's one of the producers I've grown to appreciate especially with his versatility within and outside of various genres.

When did you start producing? What inspired you? What continues to inspire your sound?

Pete: I've been producing for 13 years now. I started when I was 13. I'm inspired by a few things but primarily just creating new sounds and pushing boundaries. I've always been motivated by this. Of course I want to make songs and beats that people like but honestly what inspires me most is creating something new. But most of all, and this will sound cliche, I have a serious urge to create, and music is a perfect platform. I I get to express my feelings through song, you know? If I'm feeling hype, I'm going to make somee hype shit. If I'm feeling mellow, I can show that. On top of that, I had some inspirations to start producing, mostly Hudson Mohawke. But I've had other inspirations throughout the years like Knxwledge, Monte Booker, FlyLo and Iman Omari.

What is your working style?

Pete: Oh man. I think my working style is aggressive. Just get after in. Once I'm in it...I'm in it. I rarely work on beats for a couple minutes or an hour at a time. I get really locked in and work for hours. When I'm working on beats for the gang I usually finish all those beats within the same session. Sometimes it's 3 hours, sometimes it's 7, but time flies by when I'm working. I really enjoy getting locked in. When I'm working on like actual songs, that's when I get a little more strategic since it's a bit more a process sometimes. I still work on large chunks at a time but on different sections.

I know artists can be sensitive about their art - how do you go about changes and rearrangements to artist's songs or projects?

Pete: When I'm producing for someone, my number one priority is to make sure they like it and feel comfortable with it. How can you make something good if the artist isn't comfortable with something? As a producer, I think it's important to be flexible. Of course, I'm going to bring new ideas to the table, but if an artist doesn't like something, then I'll hear them out. It's a joint effort. That's one of the reasons Jimmy Golden and I mesh well. We accept each other's ideas. Oh, you think I wasn't going to give Jimmy a shout? Shout out Jimmy.

What are some of your favorite projects you were a part of this year?

Pete: See above. At Heaven's Gates was insane to work on. I'd just send Jimmy new beats everyday and he'd be like, "I'm hearing the words 'x' over the beat." Then he would go to the studio and deliver that exact idea over the beat. That dude heard the song when I sent him a beat. It was done before he started. I also had a few other projects drop this year. The first was before covid hit called, The Way Home. It's a bit more experimental but I worked with two other Chicago guys on that, MFnMelo and Kobe Jxrdan. Both of those dudes have way too much game. Kobe is like a brother to me. I've known him for years now and we've made some really cool stuff together. Lastly, I had a track drop, called Beef Dipped, a few weeks ago with another Chicago rapper, Judy. Bro... Judy is a certifire crazy person. I send him beats daily. DAILY. And he goes and records within a day. The funny part about that though is he always records early in the morning. Like 3AM. I'll wake up with a text from Judy at 4:30 telling me the song was done.

Should we expect any new projects in the near future?

Pete: I would expect yes. Multiple things actually. I'm working on a project with J tha III. He has some insane lyricism. Just next level. I have a few songs with an artist named Yoko Chanel. His hooks are just ridiculous. Go listen to Chanel Blue right. Thirdly, Judy and I have a tape. Lastly, and what I'm most excited about, is the project I'm working on. I'm producing each track and there will be a different artist on each track. A producer tape of sorts. I can tell you that everyone I listed above is involved along with a few other producer features. We also have some other guests including William Prize and Bari and a few others. Keep an eye out. At Heaven's Gate

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