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CyHi - EGOT the EP

A preview of one of my most anticipated albums this year, CyHi dropped the EGOT the EP, a sampler of his upcoming EGOT LP. 4 Tracks ranging from somber reflections on life’s pain to up-tempo tongue-in-cheek songs about women. CyHi still sounds like he’s trying to be the best rapper alive, the production is impeccable and the rhyme schemes are as dense as ever.

“Help Me God” is just CyHi showing out over a gospel sample,

“Madame cum laude when shawty bodied the dean's list/ Huh, that means it's murder in the first degree/ Mercy me, I see murder like Percy P/ Leonidas vers the Persian fleet/ You murkin' me, stay off the oxy, moron, that's like a Virgin freak”

Just absolutely bonkers amounts of rhymes between tight and compound punchlines. The best of the 4 is undoubtedly the Jaquees assisted “Tears” from the “Oscar” section of the album where CyHi plans to have the biggest most “cinematic” of the album’s recordings. CyHi reflects on his real life tragedies and wisdom he has gained over the years of his storied career.

“We all got partners who will slide, if we lift a finger/ But why we still gotta be street?/ Just to show that the money didn't change us”

The justified paranoia of one of the most respected pens in rap history who recently survived a very real attempt on his life comes through direct and sobering over the beautiful keys on this track closing out the EP.


words by Xlo Released: May 13th, 2022

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