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CROWN VIEWS 002 is a visual playlist of 100+ music videos from Q! that were found notable or worth sharing for various reasons; illuminated a song off a project, color palette, textures, unique frames/POV, aesthetics, editing, etc.

While making CROWN VIEWS 002 a few questions arose: In the social media era – 1) what is the significance of the music video? + 2) what does the future hold for the music video?

When I posed/posted the latter question on CROWNTHEM’s socials a few different replies were given. Some think that it will inevitably look like tiny snippets/chops of full music videos and reaction videos to said videos. Fragmentation due to decentralization platforms for artists. Immersive videos, 3D experiences noted by a few others. Glass Protocol was mentioned. One artist in particular stated that impactful videos will take more creativity and time while also figuring out new ways to roll out the video – but, will the snippets receive more views than the actual video itself?

What will make the audience follow-up on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and watch the full video?

In the social media era the music video will and is undergoing a significant transition. A lot of transformations we will be able to predict but a vast majority of the transformations that will take place for the music video will venture into the unknown of innovation and vision. Additionally, there has been chatter trivializing the impact of the video for an independent/underground artist; some say they aren't as important as they seem and that artists should spend their resources and time on other aspects of their art. On the other hand, some view music videos as an undeniable and pivotal aspect of an artists' trajectory. There is an equilibrium to be met - realize the truths on all sides - but, essentially, it all comes down to how creative, out of the box / forging of news paths an artist is, coupled with execution of those visions.

To engage with the conversation noted above view here or comment below.

Without further ado –

The words came out differently this time.

The poetic blurbs may not fully analyze the music video in a traditional sense - but, if you watch the videos you might catch the moments of intertextuality, imagination and where the words and visuals coalesce.


“BIG DEBO” by Shady Blu | directed by madebyJAMES

Already there - already where she placed her intention, where she puts her attention. Maybe they ain’t listen; maybe they’ll wait ‘til they see the star glisten. Burns blue, luminous hue, massive talent comin’ thru.

“ALLAT” by Mark Lux | directed by Dhyaan Patel

ALLAT, al-Lat, personification of the Sun out the slums. Gods, Goddesses and androgyny is worth sumn. Radiance of the L.A. gradient; creativity is Heaven Sent, Heaven’s Scent. All that.

“Close” by Bocha x Corey G | directed by Zach Olson

Close, close enuf. To run up - to throw the stone 'n hide the hand. To go to war or forfeit your land. Endeavors + bands. You must understand, close the door, open the window to be grand.

“Free!” by Maxo | directed by Vincent Haycock

Free! What does it mean to Be? Some openings close yet still need entry. Conversations of adversity with Me ‘n Me. In healing, to bring warmth and burn out disease. Creative energy flows with ease. R.I.P. Uncle Jerry.

“Broken Glass” by Passport Rav | directed by Future Industry

A big tooth broke all the ceilings in the room. Swinging on cut outs of creation formed w/ strings + glue. I've inherited the Spirit of Buddha - found a way to laugh as my unorthodox passport is stamped.

“D.A.R.E” by ICECOLDBISHOP | directed by Erik Rojas

Dare to be different + dare to have life feed into you instead of what you consume. They put it in our face, crippled to their various ways OR jump to another page - still with rage. Destruction only means the beckoning of a new age.

"for your EYES” by theOGM x Elete | directed by EYEDRESS

FOR - YOUR - EYES, no I’s. Time works for you when you find your pace, inside. Living by Truths ‘n crossing out lies. Hills in the hoopty, on my life.



(no particular order except the first 7.)

ARTISTS FT'D: KAMEO, FUNERAL Ant Bell, Bryce Savoy, Radamiz, Yoshi Vintage, SONNY, Monday Night, 3WaySlim, Asun Eastwood, Kamaiyah, Sada Baby, Donnie Waters, Da Gilly, Apollo Brown, Aj Snow, Jansport J, P1, ALLBLACK, MeechBOLD, Trent The Hooligann, BoriRock, CRIMEAPPLE, Starz Coleman, GodBlessBeatz, Maze Overlay, SadhuGold, JNX, Shun Gawd, Alex Bond, YOH, CARRTOONS, FrankieOG, MacArthur Maze, RTC Profit, Jyou, Isai Morales, ihateyouALX, Smoke DZA, Sleepy Loco, Jonathan UniteUs, Reuben Vincent, Rapsody, Hugh Augustine, Walt Mansa, Shloob, B. Cool-Aid, Devin Morrison, Pher Turner, MoRuf, Pink Siifu, UFO Fev, Spanish Ran, Los Kemet, Times Change, Mike Shabb, Nicholas Craven, Payroll Giovanni, 2 Eleven, Problem, League, Donavan Ransom, Larry June, The Alchemist, G Perico, DJ Drama, Lord Sko, Andy Savoie, Jesse Desean, Ahmir, Malz Monday, O Dawg, Thunderous Caption, RIPXL, Bucky Malone, Innanet James, Big Jade, Che Noir, 7xvethegenius, SZN, Kash Doll, Icewear Vezzo, Swooty Mac, Devy Stonez, Freddie Gibbs, Rucci, Bankroll Got It, Deniro Farrar, Huey Briss, KeMarilyn Chanel, Archibald SLIM, Lola Brooke, Hit-Boy, Rim, FINN, Shootergang Kony, Jireh, DaBoii, C Plus, Heno, Elujay, J.Robb, Lord Apex, Slumlord Trill, Nym Lo, Statik Selektah, Curren$y, AvenueBLVD, Chase N. Cashe, Mello Buckzz, Latto, Jae Skeese, Da$H, Silky Southern, Sincere Hunte, Recognize Ali, Sibbs Roc, Will Hill, Slim Guerilla, Genshin, YeloHill, Airplane James, Young Nudy, Isaac Castor, Ricky Mapes, Jim Jones, Hitmaka, Don Quez, Rahiem Supreme, Nappy Nina, Tafia, Ferris Blusa, Jah Monte Ogbon, Young Drummer Boy, Bizarre, Charlie Smarts, DJ Ill Digitz + Toosii.




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