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Blood Shore Season 3 by Xavier Wulf


It's been years since we stood on the Crimson Sands of the Blood Shore… the third entry in the highly lauded series doesn’t disappoint. Xavier Wulf is one of those artists in the vein of Curren$y and Wiz where if you need ride-around music, you know they will hold you down with every new release. In an era where Memphis has risen up in prominence again with the likes of HitKidd (featured on "The Law") and DJ Paul cranking out tunes for a slew of celebrated young spitters, Wulf sticks to his iconic style and evolves it over shiny new dark and brooding melodies.

The Hollow Squad HNIC wastes no time on "First Light" getting to the shit-talk and smoke, literally and figuratively. No concept records, no introspection, all blood and balling out and flexing for the duration of the project minus the very Project-X sounding "Last Moon." HE DELIVERED ON THE THEME, a man of culture. That is why he has such a strong following over a decade into his career, no half-hearted experiments that don’t land, no hour long slog full of rehashed themes. 21 minutes of menacing beats and bars to get sturdy to.

Standouts are "The Reason," produced by MVW, a short and sweet encapsulation of everything this album delivers. "The Law" and "Charles Ruffingham" show you what kind of rapping chops Wulf has when it comes to more energetic tempos and wordplay. Wulf has an undeniable ability to rhyme and a vocabulary that completely takes you by surprise whenever he feels like it. Even though some, (it's me, I'm some,) would like a longer playtime when these rare drops happen.


Released: October 18, 2022 words by Xlo

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