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Bears Vs Pitbulls by Starz Coleman x Ched

Bears Vs Pitbulls Starz Coleman x Ched

“I’d rather rap or culinary baby this is what I do/ I’m dodging taxes and prison, naw I can’t live by the rules” - Sir Sarzalot Colemanson The 3rd

Hip Hop's favorite music video auteur is back with another dope musical offering. He teams up with frequent collaborator Ched on Bears Vs Pitbulls and the results are as impressive as they've always been. Starz Coleman is as witty and funny as ever, while displaying the skill and dexterity of a spitter's spitter. This is mostly a solo affair until we get to the song “Paid In Full” which features Alma Ave Writtens who delivers some potent bars about wisening up and living to one’s potential. Put on your helmet get in line for this ride with one of New Jersey's finest!

Favorite Tracks: Bears Vs Pitbulls, Paid In full, Himmel Musik

Words by Monk

Released: March 3, 2023 Region / City: Newark, NJ

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