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UFO Fev - E Pluribus Unum

Harlem artist UFO Fev presents a representation of what it means to be influenced by where you come from but still remain original, authentic and 1 of 1 in his newest album, E Pluribus Unum. The album is solely produced by DJ J Hart and hosts features from Ace Arty and Jose Santiago. E Pluribus Unum begins with a clip of an interview where Mike Powers asking about a phone call UFO Fev received from Diddy and what that means to Fev coming from where he comes from.

“I ain’t have nothin’ growing up; everything was a double team, break thru the defense, get the bucket - AND 1.”

That specific clip of the interview sets up the listener/audience with the context needed to understand that UFO Fev got this shit out the mud. After "Intro" the album glides into “El Sapo” that speaks on the origins of UFO Fev the hustla and his day2day in a poetic cinematic manner. You know, this the beginning of the chapter that establishes where one came from, the root, the source. “Outside” featuring Ace Arty comes after and really is a track that expresses that UFO Fev and his crew were really outside with it. It’s not all talk and more likely than not more action and plays than actual talk about it.

From “Outside” we move into the real hit of the album, “Money.” A track that needs to be spun on all radio stations mainstream, independent and underground because it’s really that g ood. From jump, you hear the infamous, “Get Money” loop that puts you in a New York state of mind. You know who he’s paying homage to but what will he do with it? UFO Fev walks us through how he made money off the origins spoken about in “El Sapo” while also reaping the benefits of “Outside” with the crew. With an infamous loop and equally infamous riff/influence of DMX, UFO Fev has the hook and song of the year,

“For my next trick I make more money appear / THE RARE. THE REAL. THE CLOTH, WE WEAR.”

From such a phenomenal track the album brings us to a grittier track, “Game Shifting” where UFO Fev touches on how he’s changed/shifted the game and continues to do so. The following track, “Pop Pop” featuring Jose Santiago has serious content/theme but delivered in a catchy and fun manner. Then, the album switches back to another notable song on E Pluribus Unum, “In The Rain.” Off production alone this track is gorgeous especially with the use of “In The Rain” by Bill Cooley and Alan Munson. You know, I’m sure all the tracks come from the soul but you feel the soul in this one. You hear the perseverance and feel the climb to greatness. Rain brings growth.

“We the kids they never worried bout, the stories you never hear about, parents barely knew of out whereabouts / check the sole of his sneakers, I used to wear ‘em out / now the type of shit I’m doin’ is paramount”

“Swish” is a track where UFO Fev is telling pieces of stories of the trenches and how he still made it out. There’s another catchy hook/chorus on this track too. The album switches to the track, “Light” which is more of a love song to friends, family and romantic lovers who have provided some kind of support, some kind of light throughout his life that helped illuminate the path. Those who have provided a source of purpose and perseverance for him. The outro of this track has another clip from Mike Power’s interview that touches on how UFO Fev was about to hang up the mic because he was investing more than he was returning before meeting Fat Joe.

From there, E Pluribus Unum transitions into the final track of the album, “Business Man.” This track really captures the ascent of UFO Fev into another realm and also as a businessman. Almost like a more present feeling of the transition for him. As a whole E Pluribus Unum serves as a reflection of personal and generational plight that highlight environment, experiences and elevation from those lessons and learnings. Throughout the album there are various stories, dope hooks, poetic verses and inspiration/motivation to continue with your own craft - turnin’ the hustle to a business. E Pluribus Unum is one of the initial chapters in the story of how UFO Fev turned the hustla into a businessman. Out of one, many; the future is bright and beautiful for UFO Fev.


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