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The L Ride by Starz Coleman


The L Ride by Starz Coleman is his second project of 2022 following July's impressive, For The Views. The New Jersey native has had a busy past few years between dropping solid Hip Hop projects and shooting videos for rappers, athletes, and other movers and shakers. The L Ride also is pulling double duty as Starz Coleman's latest full length album, and it's also the official soundtrack to his upcoming film of the same name, due out November/December. As an MC Starz Coleman is great at nearly everything he attempts on The L Ride. Straight out the gate "Ivan Drago" produced by Ched hits you in the face with an energetic, urgent pace. Starz Coleman attacks and it's beautiful when an artist can command their voice in so many ways. We get tempo changes, vocal flairs, and cadences that push the confines of the beat to their limits. He's the perfect example of "it's not what you say but how you say it." The man is also funny as hell, and I blame his lively delivery for making me chuckle while he's in the middle of talking about some of the grimiest aspects of making a living in the street life. On "Salvador Dali." Starz Coleman brings along Planet Asia to trade verses over a glorious beat from 4ORD.

Gametime, all love like Faizon But I can chop your head off and uplift you in the same line Big blunts with sticky in it, AMG Kitted, GT53 Mercedes tinted N***** finished, I'm really with the business I used to spin the block with two 30s like 60 Minutes, then I switched up the image

Perhaps my favorite song on The L Ride is Constantinople. Ched comes through again with a haunting beat that's giving feelings of Daringer or DJ Muggs. I think this one shows Starz Coleman in all his greatness as he switches up his cadence several times and even hits some double time flows as he weaves some vivid street tales. Also the humorous delivery takes this over the top.

My B**** from Tobago, she don't like n*****, she only like bank rolls I throw her some pesos, she blow out your brains and cut off your egg roll

It's something that I don't see often, on the same song he's also talking about how his parents struggles impacted him as a young child. The L Ride also features more great MC's such as Jameel Na'im X, Rim, Dutch Brown, Bad Lungz, Fat Boi Dash, Spoda, and G4 Jag. They all contribute in various ways that make this ride one you don't wanna miss! Starz Coleman is definitely an interesting anomaly, I haven't seen anyone with his particular combination of skills and personality. Most funny MCs don't talk about the streets, and most street MCs aren't funny. His interesting approach to crafting his music ensures that I'll be keeping The L Ride in rotation and looking forward to what he comes up with next!


Release Date: October 11, 2022

words by Monk

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