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thaJoint (Joey Golden x JohnNY UniteUs) - Garfield Park

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The New York Hip Hop duo thaJoint (Joey Golden x JohnNY UniteUs) deliver their recent EP, Garfield Park. The EP is solely produced by Flipper James, has one feature from JMNOP and mixed&mastered by thaJoint's very own Joey Golden.

Hip Hop at it's essence will always lead you to different places, spaces, people and things that will enlighten you and confirm your alignment in various ways. For me, Garfield Park is one of those things. At first click of the intro track, "To The Moon" you hear this higher pitched and sped up Phyllis Hyman that hits the soul instantly. The Phyliis Hyman vocals are from Pharoah Sanders song, "As You Are" and if you know the record you know how gorgeous her vocals are. I had heard the song previously in life and was attracted to it then but never caught the name to listen again. Since spinnin' Garfield Park a few times I was lead to listen to the Pharoah Sanders' album Love Will Find a Way that "As You Are" is from.

The second thing about Garfield Park is the craft and poetics of both Joey Golden and JohnNY UniteUs. At any point of any song there is a quotable line that offers some sort of positive thinking and brighter outlook on life. One of my favorite lines that resonated with me by JohnNY UniteUs is off the song, "To The Moon,"

"The work continue, never stop but that's an after thought/ transform into beast mode, watch me anamorph."

It's the truth in the line of being of an independent creator but also the work that pertains to one's soul and character (which truly go hand in hand.) Another line I found profound was by Joey Golden off the song, "Heat Check,"

"I got soul and still following reason/ due to my 3 eyes & hiiigher powers I'm still top dog in my region."

Amazing play on words and double meanings. Ab-Soul/soul, Reason/reason, Hiiipower, Top Dawg Ent/top dog. Best TDE reference I've heard. Both of these lines are just barely a peek into the word play and craft of thaJoint. Be sure to tap in with Garfield Park and their previous work as well!


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