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Tenured by C Plus


Hands down one of the best lyricists you’ll hear coming out of California, (and I wouldn’t be far out to say America,) is Sacramento’s very own C Plus. His new album Tenured is sure to convince any new listener of his God given skillset and remind anyone that might have forgotten. Hailing from the rarely mentioned Natomas area of the city, this hometown staple is ready to expand his range in every sense of the word. 16 tracks, 47 minutes, and infinite bars combine to make one of the region's best rap albums to date.

You ain’t got the Will to be Legend like I am, he spits on "C Where U @?," a reference to Will Smith's, I Am Legend (2007). Bars like these are embedded all throughout the project making it hard to choose which line to quote. After over a decade in the game, hinted in the song title "Tenured (tenyear’d)," C Plus has not become complacent one bit. As he toys with beat selections, flow patterns, and concepts he comes through as rejuvenated on this release. As if he’s found a new motivation and that spirit shines through track after track. With minimal features (5 out of the 16 songs,) he really uses Tenured to showcase himself, his thought process, as well as update us on things he’s been through over the years. Hitting all the expected checkpoints of a great album, flow, lyrics, story, emotion, beats, etc. Tenured is an album with an extremely valuable replay value!

With the current Renaissance in Northern California lyricism headed by Symba, LaRussell, Rexx Life Raj, Grand Nationxl and others, this couldn’t have come at a better time. The climate is ripe for rap and if C Plus can’t do anything he can rap! He can also cook apparently so make sure you book him to cater and enjoy his album catered to the most sophisticated of palates!



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