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RUFFS by Kenny Mason


RUFFS is the latest project from frequent J.I.D. collaborator and genre-bending artist Kenny Mason. In just under an hour Kenny gives us a tour through his mind across acoustic guitar, trap drums, post punk screaming, gigantic buzzsaw synths and more. He co-produces almost every record on the tracklist and it feels extremely personal as a consequence. In a sea of artists finding their sound by finding the producer that their stylistic contemporaries use, this feels like an original and fresh body of work.

There's some soundcloud era chill here as well, Kenny as an MC is confident, technically gifted and witty. But more than that, he can craft a multitude of varied and interesting hooks full of distorted and layered vocals. Not quite JPEGMAFIA levels of experimentalism on display but much more listenable for people not ready for that level of challenging content as a consequence.

In the words of the man himself:

I don't give a fuck if this shit ain't lyrical I don't give a fuck if this shit ain't radio I don't give a fuck, nigga, it's spiritual - Kenny Mason, ZOOMIES

words by Xlo Released: September 28, 2022

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