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Results Take Time by Symba x DJ Drama


From Sway In The Morning, to L.A. Leakers, all the way to Funkmaster Flex we haven’t seen an artist blazing studios with freestyles this consistently since the mixtape era in the early 2000’s. That golden era feeling is in the air and one of the few artists we have to thank for that is the Bay Area’s own…. Symba! After years on the grind locally, doors closing left and right, deals that didn’t materialize, he’s now in the national spotlight with all intentions on showing the world that Results Take Time. You know the saying, you only get one chance at a first impression? Well, that’s even more true when it comes to a debut album. The project that can finish you before you start or put you on the path to GOAT status. Symba has done the latter.

Results Take Time plays like a biopic, sharing stories from the very beginning and the journey that landed him in the position he’s in today. “Overnight,” “Never Change,” “Sacrifices,” “Find A Way,” the tracklist reads like chapters in an autobiography. Symba left nothing for the imagination as he told his story in his own words over production that adds to the overall cinematic feel. With assistance from the likes of Roddy Ricch, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz the project feels like a major label debut. Blood, sweat, tears, and time are the only ingredients that can result in an album like this. Witty lines about being turned down by radio program directors, label A&Rs, all to stick to his guns and end up where they’d never thought he’d be. All this from rapping his real life without a gimmick! Results Take Time is the perfect middle-ground between hardcore lyric lovers and club anthem bottle poppers. An album everybody can enjoy that comes from an authentic place and an extremely talented individual.



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