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Poo$ie - Still Ain't Easy

If you grew up in the era when Cash Money took over for the 99’ and the 2000 (and to be honest the majority of us did,) then you probably fell in love with hard beats topped with New Orleans accents. Now add that, 90’s era lyrical ability, Bay Area game, and you have Poo$ie - Still Ain’t Easy! The 8th ward native who moved to Oakland after Hurricane Katrina embodies the blend you never knew you needed. From the opening track “Celebration,” he brings you into his mind and gets you familiar with his thought process.

17 tracks might seem like a lot in a time where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter but he makes it work. A couple interludes help keep the album cohesive and the perfect amount of features don’t allow the listener to get bored of the same voice. The subject matter plays like an autobiography going from “All Of You,” a song for the ladies with an R&B assisted hook by King Tahoe. To “Cold Feet” a grimy up-tempo slap featuring Nook, Les, and a Manny Fresh-esque beat breakdown that’s guaranteed to catch your attention. All in all, Poo$ie isn’t afraid to show his range and sound extremely comfortable while doing so.

Still Ain’t Easy is available for purchase directly from Poo$ie! Another ode to the creativity and business savvy this artist brings to the table. The album is also set to release on all DSPs July 15th. Grab the link and thank me later!


Released: June 15, 2022

Words by Flynt Nixon

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