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Painting Houses by UFO Fev x Spanish Ran

Painting Houses UFO Fev x Spanish Ran

“New Barkleys, steppin’ over the body, as I walk out the lobby/ I had a hustle before I had me a hobby” - Dead Rappers Sell More (Big Locks)

UFO Fev combines with Spanish Ran for Painting Houses to mark the start of his 2023 releases. UFO Fev continues to push through and cultivate a solid catalog. He's only looking forward while leaving banger after banger in his wake. Now is as good a time as ever to check out what he has to say. Features from Tree Mason, Ty Da Dale, DJ Ill Digits, Bloo Azul, Mad Hattan, and Al-Doe make this a house party, but you’re not gonna see John Witherspoon complaining about having to listen to “Public Enema”. Painting Houses is in the lane of what I like to call Crime Noir Hip Hop, the title is a reference to an organized crime term for killing a man and the way blood splatters walls during a shooting. Spanish Ran does a great job providing sounds for UFO Fev and company to shine a light on these dark and gritty spaces and situations. But it’s not all about the ugly side, there’s hope, resilience, and a strong message about making an effort to strive, even when facing an environment and circumstances that are working against you daily. Powerful stuff, check it out!

Favorite Tracks: C’mon, Dead Rappers Sell More (Big Locks), One Luv

Words by Monk

Released: Feb 28, 2023 Region / City: Harlem, NY

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