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New Money by Baby Money


Since signing with QC, one of Detroit street rap's rising stars, Baby Money has been featured in Billboard and across the nation making rounds as one of the chosen new stars in the industry. His latest project, New Money is largely produced by one of the most iconic architects of the “Detroit sound'' being imitated in today's hip-hop landscape; Helluva alongside Antt Beatz and others creating the signature “horror movie minor-keyed melody but make it bounce” sound that has been a staple here for decades. The keys are frightening, the bass is heavy and Baby Money sounds like a grizzled and hungry vet over the project's 16 tracks.

There’s the expected shit-talk and baller raps but Baby Money brings a brash wittiness and humor that doesn't overstay its welcome (unlike some of his more viral peers) to the tracks.

If we playing cops and robbers, imma be the robber If we playing pharmacy imma be the doctor Put a bird on your head, you won't see the chopper I keep my 9 in each state, Andre Iguodala

Standout records are the Antt Beatz Produced and Jeezy assisted “All Hustle," No Mask” produced by OG Dynasty, and the Ojay’s-sampled “Double Cross” produced by Helluva. If you’re already a fan of the sound, you know what to expect but the polish and charisma here really makes this project shine if you're looking for those familiar tempos and street rap content.


words by Xlo Released: September 23, 2022

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