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NappyHIGH - Yellow


Y'all already know the first spin of April went to Yellow by NappyHIGH. Coming off his January release, Villains, Yellow ain't nothing shy of phenomenal either. NappyHIGH has an ability to put listeners in a space/time that feels like sunlight and makes you wonder if you're listening to red light music, blue light music, Hip Hop or soul - it's a fusion of them ALL+. There are songs like "ILY" & "Just For The Moment" that may have you slow dancin' in the kitchen with your sweet thang. Or a song like, "The Get Down" that's feels like you're at a kickback with the homies with blunts and brews. Additionally, purely instrumental tracks like, "Call Me" & "Let Go \ OneForMe" puts you in the mind state of crusin' beachside in the evening in L.A. or Miami.

If you're lookin' for quality soulful music that goes beyond and fuses many musical genres this is the album. The album features RnB/Soul & Hip Hop artists such as: Devin Morrison, Iman Omari, ihateyouALX, Blu, Memnoc & Maggie Kiing.

A contemporary symphony of a synchronized RnB/Soul/Hip Hop fusion with a sultry essence.


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