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Monumental by The Davis Way


You, person discovering Detroit Hip-Hop but haven't found the eclectic and classical underground sound beneath the viral and street rap that has taken the nation by storm: this is a strong place to start. This city has 4 sides, if you wanted to find the part where the breakbeats and samples coalesce with the BARs, you're in the right place.

Detroit-based Producer the Davis Way has unleashed his latest effort, Monumental, combining the powers of Detroit artists across generations and styles to make this a welcome entry to a carefully curated catalog of top notch Rap records.

Punchlines fly like bottles in the club in the early 2000s on the stand-out "Impeccable," Supa Emcee and P-dot bring the Hip-Hop shop era aggression and wittiness people expect from Detroit, trading bars as Pierre Anthony glides gracefully on the infectious hook.

The immensely talented Drew Green and MYNA hold down the smoky and hard edge "Beyond The Block," more bars traded but this time illustrating the paranoia and angst of being a young artist in a city akin to Gotham. Fans of this should undoubtedly check out Davis’ previous works and the rest of the wonderful music coming out of the Architect Entertainment camp.

Also, if you don’t know the Vettese Twins, you don't get out enough in the city’s Hip-Hop scene, they’re kind of inescapable. When you see them, and you will, say χlo told you to tell them “What up doe!”


words by Xlo Release Date: November 13, 2022


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