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Malice At The Palace by Ty Farris x Machacha

Malice At The Palace Ty Farris x Machacha

”These rappers cornballs, shame on the engineer that’s recordin’ it/ That sh*t’s trash, when you post it, I’m reporting it” - Dope Sales To Vinyl Deals

Ty Farris releases his 3rd release of 2023! Part of me is like what is going on, how is this humanly possible, and the other part is welcoming the pace and quality of these drops. Malice At the Palace (completely produced by Machacha) isn't as chaotic as the real life event but it does hit as hard as Ron Artest did on that infamous night.

“Flagrant Fouling” is a standout track with it’s haunting Darringer style production and gutter verses from Ty Farris and Mickey Diamond. The project also hosts DJ Grazzhoppa (Scratches), Marv Won, Guilty Simpson, Dango Forlaine, WateRR, Ty Farris makes sure he lets the homies join in on the fun, Detroit what!

Favorite tracks: Flagrant Fouling, 4 Point Play, Strong Arm Aggression

Words by Monk

Released: March 17, 2023 Region / City: Detroit, MI

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