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Kr3wcial - Less Than Three

New Orleans and glbl wrmng artist Kr3wcial delivers his EP, Less Than Three. The EP hosts features from BLU, Mick Jenkins, Pell and Kalipop while also enlisting production from Ghazi Gamali, friendkerrek, Cronos and Kr3wcial himself. Throughout the EP, Kr3wcial fuses Hip Hop, neo-RnB with a hint of Pop to create a smooth “collection of reflections” of experiences with love, <3, Less Than Three. The intro track, “Jewelry” begins with a very calming energy that has Kr3wcial reflecting on the appearance and feeling a lover gave him,

“You sure look good on me after I wear you out like jewelry / nirvana, when I feel you give me peace / there’s nowhere else I rather be.”

The 2nd track of the EP, “Standards” has both Kr3wcial and Mick Jenkins speaking on some of the standards they’ve come across and employed themselves when dating or embarking on love. Standards have always been a thing but it seems as though in this current social media era that standards have been heightened to almost unrealistic expectations physically, financially, emotionally and intellectually. “Ego Trippin” is the next track of Less Than Three - and just as the title implies it’s about ego. The track expresses how ego can cause conflict in love but also can inflate situations as well. The yelling, the fighting, the lack of seeing eye2eye, needing to be right and maybe a drop of self-sabotage too.

Next, the EP slides into the gem of the project, “Who Do You Call?” Off dribble, the production has this real gorgeous soulful appeal coupled with the combination of Pell and Kr3wcial’s similar content yet varying textures in voice. This is the type of song that triggers you in a good way, you know. Where you really have to sit back and assess, “who do you call?” - especially when the person you want to reach out to could have you dip back into toxicity. Or dip back to a place that you grew from or are growing from but you still need that familiar voice of encouragement despite it all.

“Who do you call when that drinkin’ ain’t maskin’ the feelin’ and you wanna fix it?”

The final track of Less Than Three is “Dumb Bitch Juice.” This was a solid way to end the EP because it speaks on wants, boundaries and at times getting lost in the sauce of romantic encounters. You know, do you keep sippin’ someone’s potion that is not sustainable or beneficial in the long-run? The intuitiveness that comes eventually of knowing someone has something you want but also knowing that it comes with a price and a life you’re already trying to wean yourself from.

Less Than Three explores the complexities of romantic love throughout its various stages. The EP highlights how ego, standards, companionship and lack of mutual understanding/communication influence the trajectory of relationships. Even if the trajectory didn’t go as planned there’s always collections of reflections at hand. Additionally, Kr3wcial created his own universe (Kr3wniverse) for the release of Less Than Three.


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