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photography: Destin J Bryant

You're a new artist to me. After I became more active on my Twitter account I came across you in April around the time you dropped Jahshua. Since then, I've seen you drop another album and get a clothing line going. Where is your inspiration coming from?

King Jahsh: Honestly, my inspiration comes from whatever I’m going through in real life. I tend to make music about my life, or how I feel about things that are going on in my life in hopes that people that are going through the same things as me can make a legit connection.

How challenging has it been to get to this point? What lessons have you learned that help move you forward?

King Jahsh: It’s been overwhelmingly challenging to get to this point honestly. I’ve never gotten any type of handouts, opportunities, or “Looks” and honestly it’s been very hard the last year. I think quality is very important but it’s also not cheap. I don’t believe in putting out anything that isn’t quality and honestly that’s why it’s been so hard because I come out of pocket for for literally everything I do.

Jahshua & Julius. Two really dope albums. For me, Jahshua felt more intimate with interpersonal emotions and experiences tied to them while Julius had those aspects but was more of a declaration of you and the path you're forging. What do these 2 albums mean to you?

King Jahsh: Jahshua was definitely more intimate. Jahshua took YEARS to come together and I wrote almost all the songs to Julius within the span of 2 hours! I literally said, “I want to drop a project in July and name it Julius.” And within the next few hours it was written and ready to go.

There were two references that I want to know more about. In "God Body" off you most recent album, Julius you state, "this an ankh ain't no Jesus Piece" and also in your song, "Space" off your previous album, Jahshua, you stated, "used to live by the cross now I live by the ankh." There's a signaling of elevation in both these statements. Can you tell me more about it?

King Jahsh: So I grew up in a pretty strict Christian household. My Mom is a pastor and my Dad was the minister of music. There were a lot of random things about Christianity that I questioned that seemed like they should have answers but no one had answers for me. Such as, “Why do we say amen when we end our prayers?” or “Why are prayers always answered when you fast?” These 2 questions alone led me down a different spiritual path. I found the answers to most of my questions.

Do you feel as though you found growth between projects?

King Jahsh: I do feel like I find some growth between all my projects. Especially when it comes to the engagements on like social media. Music wise I also feel like I progress a bit between drops.

In the last song, "Sometimes" off Julius it sounds like you're going to be taking a break from rapping?

King Jahsh: Yes, that is true. I don’t know for how long though. It could be a few more weeks, it could be a few more, it could be a few more months I’m not sure. But, when I release again, I will be comfortable releasing.

You also have a clothing line, KÖNIG. What does the brand represent to you? And what made you choose to use a German word?

King Jahsh: The brand is honestly everything to me right now. It saved my life before it was even established! It still isn’t where I want it but we are getting there. I brainstormed for a really long time. So many name ideas that i liked and didn’t like for weeks. The clothes were already made but I had no name. Then one day I was in the store getting ice cream with Dani (featured on “FREE”) and I liked how the A in Hägen looked. In that moment I remembered the word King in German had the Ö and once I drew it on paper I knew that was it. That was the brand.

What are some of your aspirations with KÖNIG?

King Jahsh: I want KÖNIG to be global. Local people try to put everything you do in a local box but I believe everything’s I do is meant to be global. It meant the world to me when the 1st ever customer I had was someone I didn’t know that lived in Atlanta. That ended up being you haha. But I want everyone to be able to rock affordable designer clothing. Once it’s a bit more successful, I plan to drop some pieces for Women and Kids. I got some FIRE for the ladies!

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