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Jameel Na'im X - 2 Birds 1 Stone

New Orleans artist Jameel Na'im X (JNX) drops off his first project of 2021, 2 Birds 1 Stone. The entire project is self-produced without any guest features. JNX gives soulful and intuitive bars about himself, the world he perceives and his plight to higher degrees throughout 2 Birds 1 Stone. JNX's humbleness is apparent but so is his ambition to claim/achieve/attain/obtain what is his and the higher being he is becoming. Without question, JNX is one of the most consistent and competent in Hip Hop. What makes him special (in my opinion,) is he does it all on his own time. It's not a matter of releasing when the majority are or when the industry says you should. I appreciate that he always allows his music and work ethic to speak for itself.

A line that caught me on "Nancy Kerrigan" was,

"I'm like AI crossin' MJ in '97/ what would I do if I was in his shoes, no question"

In one line JNX gives commentary on the a historical NBA moment among 2 of the best players while also stating he would do the same as AI in reference to his literal shoe through Reebok. This is just one of the many dope lines that could be broken down into more.

So many metaphors, similes and really intentional lyrics I could highlight, but I listened to 2 Birds 1 Stone 10+ times in entirety and found new wit, flow and multiple meanings of different lyrics. The bars are never-ending. Alongside diverse lyrics, flow and content JNX also gives a variety of sound through his production. 2 Birds 1 Stone is an album you don't want to miss but to even get further context of the artist be sure to check out his earlier releases too.

Precise, practiced, determined.

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