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Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz by G Perico x DJ Drama

Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz G Perico x DJ Drama

“The mo’ that I make, the crazier I feel/ I thank God everyday, I can believe this sh*t is real/ Gotta get a bigger bag cuz my ni**as need appeals/ I got 700k from my negotiating skills” - Everything

G Perico teams up with DJ Drama for a ride through the LA streets on Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz. Full of street action, and LA vibes, this project is a testament to G Perico's work ethic and independent spirit. I also like that the production isn't riding any waves, it's modern but it keeps the classic Cali Hip Hop elements that let you know what the coast is! G Perico rolls mostly solo on this lick but Steelz, and RJMrLA show up to lend some assistance. Everything combines to make this is one shot you don't wanna miss!

Favorite Tracks: Ask G4, Action, No Do Overs

Words by Monk

Released: March 10, 2023 Region / City: South Central, CA

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