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Frank Motion by Killa Fonte


Philthy Rich’s FOD label has been making a lot of moves in The Bay Area, signing artist after artist after artist, they’re becoming a real force to be reckoned with. One of the standout signees is Oakland’s very own Killa Fonte, from charisma, to skill, style, respect, and a story to tell his star power is limitless. His latest offering Frank Motion is the stamp he needs to put himself ahead of the pack. From the intro track conveniently titled “Intro” the skill is evident,

"drinking champagne to the neck I’m shedding tears while getting wasted cause I’m sick without my other half, ain’t worried about what others have happy about the route I took I coulda chose the other path,"

he paints a picture of reflection and appreciation. The project is full of real life rap, slap, and gems. A well rounded album, Frank Motion is the perfect introduction for a listener who might be hearing Killa for the first time. From uptempo anthems like "Off Them Thangs" and "Repty Season" featuring Paidro Classic, to songs like, "So Soon" dedicated to a loved one that passed away, all bases are covered.

The future looks bright for Killa Fonte and as long as he keeps his foot on the gas there’s no telling where things can take him. Especially with the recent light being shed on Bay Area music the time is now!


RELEASED: October 14, 2022 words by Flynt Nixon

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