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A master class in “use what you have to make your own magic.” Recorded in his living room on a cheap mic over 3 days. Lupe delivers on his first LP after 2018’s Drogas Wave.10 tracks as an homage to Illmatic by Nas, complete with its own Halftime record in “KIOSK” on track 5 in the middle of the(m) all…

Lu’s pen is sharp as ever, all records produced by Sountdtrakk, only credited features on the record are his sister Ayesha Jaco opening “THE LION’S DEEN” intro with her signature poetic style. As well as Lu’s SOSA guild protege Nayirah. A talented rapper in her own right who provides melodies on lead single “AUTOBOTO,” the slow, haunting “PRECIOUS THINGS,” and Alt-Rock inspired “SEATTLE.”

The standout track is of course, MS. MURAL,” a cerebral and layered concept record on the frustrations of being an artist forced to entertain a hapless patron. Beneath the surface is a very real history lesson on the means of production and subjects of artistic expression, complete with an Edgar Allen Poe-like macabre plot twist.

Released: June 24th, 2022

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