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Diamonds in My Cartiers. by Oba Rowland

Oba’s back rapping y’all.

Fresh off the heels of his March ‘22 release I Need My B*tch Back, Detroit’s own Westside Legend OBA ROWLAND dropped a new project this month. Diamonds in My Cartiers. gets back to Rowland’s basics: melodic hooks, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bars and competitive guest appearances. We got a sneak peak to a few tracks and let’s just say, if you were a fan of Northland, then you will not be disappointed.

Tracks like the very soulful “Avenue of Fashion” (possibly just the working title, but fitting nonetheless.) is an ode to the historic Detroit Livernois Ave, particularly between 8 Mile to 6 Mile. It feels like a Saturday afternoon with Rowland singing the hook along with a unison of ladies: “fast cars/ fly clothes/ bad h*es”. Previously released single, “Big Tymer” samples 40 Water’s “Sprinkle Me”. He gives a call back to his infamous “my b*tch got double D’s” bar, with his laxed yet hard hitting cadence. And it wouldn’t be a true Oba project without a spiritually inclined track, “Word of Faith” where he humbly belts out “pray for me /pray for me / pray for me.”

Diamonds in My Cartiers. is sure to become another one of Oba’s hood classics. With timeless street ballads, features riddled throughout (Boldy James, Skilla Baby, Cash Kidd, Drego and others,) and memorable catchphrase bars the wait was definitely not wasted.

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