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Deniro Farrar - Spook By The Door

Deniro Farrar's latest EP, Spook By The Door takes it's namesake from the 1969 Sam Greenlee novel The Spook Who Sat By The Door. The book later became an Ivan Dixon directed film in 1973, and is highly revered as a jewel of the Blaxploitation film era. In the story, after realizing he's just a token hire, a Black CIA officer quits the agency. He then uses his training to teach Black men from the streets how to get the man off their neck, and become freedom fighters.

Deniro opens Spook By The Door with a song that shares the same title as the EP. A Cenobite produced track is the back drop for Deniro's raspy voice as he tells you what he's about, and how he moves through the streets with both eyes open for these pythons(snakes.) The next track of the EP is LT produced "Mafia." It's a more mellow mood but Deniro is not letting off the gas. What stands out overall in his music is the skill at which he executes. This isn't his first project and it shows. He's an expert rapper who is adept at crafting his bars and delivering them in a way that's convincing and also keeps you on your toes as a listener. He's a strong songwriter and you'll be chanting along to these choruses before the songs are even over.

Last but not least, is my favorite, the high energy and infectious "Run It Up." Shaq Gonzoe and Don Kevo share production duty on this certified banger. This is the one that's gonna get you through that last stretch on your run or make you feel like you can lift the whole gym. Deniro's razor sharp wit and delivery are on full display as he gives you the streets in a way that only someone who has lived it can.

Spook By The Door is a great project, especially if it's your first time listening to music from Deniro Farrar. I wish it did have an extra song or two. Fortunately he's got a lot of material readily available for that inevitable deeper dive you'll wanna take into his catalogue.

Release date: May 13, 2022

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