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Daniel Son - Bush Doctor

Bush Doctor is the latest release from Canadian rapper Daniel Son. After linking up with Futurewave for Sun Tzu and the Wav.God to begin 2022, the Toronto native is back with another LP in less than 6 months. Bush Doctor is a slightly bigger plate than the January release but it's no less potent.

Right out the gate the Wino Willy produced "Change of Pace," sets the tone for what's to come. Daniel Son got barz, which are on display immediately as he paints a picture of the seedier side of Toronto. It's a struggle everywhere and the themes here are as familiar as something from Griselda, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. Daniel Son's pen shines on this project as he goes through the crime rap paces. What separates him from the pack is his style and dedication to giving you the big picture. You get the braggadocious highs and also the dark, lonely, paranoid lows. The struggle here is not without consequences and he raps about the wins, dangers, and loses all the same. His flow is effortless and he's just as at home on the down tempo "Born Alone" to the energetic "Don Sonzarelli." 14 tracks of this subject matter can get repetitive but Bush Doctor mostly avoids that with a great range of production from the likes of Phybaoptikz, Vic Grimes, Futurewave, and Giallo Point. There's a nice variety in the sounds, great sequencing, and tempo changes. Daniel Son also brings along fellow MC's like Saipher Soze, Estee Nack, and Eto and more who all contribute fire verses and compliment the project in various ways. The last weapon I wanna mention in Daniel Son's arsenal is his hook game. They're potent and stick to your ribs, they're like Mobb Deep in their prime, it's truly a lost art these days on this side of the genre.

The album is a more than solid effort and expect that Bush Doctor will show up on more than a few of the year's best lists. This ain't no throw away, you'll find yourself going back for more!


Released: May 1, 2022

Words by Monk (@monkeyblood)

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