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Briefcases and Sunglasses - Leaf Erikson x The Davis Way

Hip-hop being a multi-generational art form has inevitably reached the point where its reflected in the music, it should be no surprise that talks of fatherhood and financial literacy become more common topics in the art itself when the genre is now 50 years old.

Architect Entertainment if nothing else strives for conceptual diversity and consistency, Briefcases and Sunglasses is a short and sweet 24 minute meditation on topics such as fatherhood, love, and financial literacy. The Davis Way single handedly holds down the beats as Leaf Erikson, a veteran of the Detroit underground, is joined by fellow Architect artist Crystal Rae on vocals and trades bars with KonPhlict on the standout "Business Statement," a track full of double entendres about the business world and how the rap game intersect.

The production here is diverse and rich. In a world torn between progressive trap and drill on one end, with minimalist sample driven sparseness on the other; this project strikes a balance between traditional boom-bap with jazz and soul injected ("Flowers for Laura and "A Dream Unfolded") with some more experimental elements from funk on ("Murderer’s Row" and "California") to drill inspired hi-hat rolls (Self-Restraint).

Leaf is sharp and focused on sharing his wisdom and opening his heart in his lyrics on this project, songs such as "Nurturing My Seed" and "California" speak to his lived experiences and what’s next for Leaf as he looks to the future. He name drops his son, young rapper D.Apollo as he muses on his own upbringing and lessons learned from his own father. Leaf sounds comfortable and conversational as he muses on moving to the west coast, the theme which wraps up this movement from the more commerce focused top of the album as it ends on a hopeful and sun soaked note, better bring your sunglasses!


words by Xlo released: December 31, 2022 /

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