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A Moment's Notice by Gary Junior

A Moment's Notice Gary Junior

Since the 1980’s Vallejo, California has been home to some of the brightest stars to come out of The Bay Area rap scene. From E-40 & The Click to Mac Dre and Thizz Ent. Fast forward to 2023 and pretty much nothing’s changed, LaRussell, DaBoii, Nef The Pharaoh, etc are still spearheading the new age sound of the region. But around many bright diamonds are always the hidden gems, Gary Junior is definitely one shovel away from stardom!

His latest project entitled A Moment’s Notice is a collaborative effort with producer JMO CORLEONE. Like any good collab album the two are able to hone in on Gary’s style and offer the best version of himself. His laid back easy going delivery paired with JMO’s upbeat vibey production is a match made in heaven made apparent within the first two tracks. My personal favorite song "Potential," has Gary’s distinctive flow stabbing in and out of high hats and keys guaranteed to have you involuntarily bobbing your head. The real showcase on this project is the range, to be only 7 tracks the flows and cadences show you that he is capable of creating a masterpiece no matter what canvas he’s painting on.

It won’t take you more than a moment to notice that A Moment’s Notice is something special. A universal sound that kind of sounds tailored for the Taylor Gang-esque audience. Nevertheless if you’re a fan of the Wiz Khalifa’s and Curren$y’s of the world then that’s even more reason to dive into Gary Junior and JMO CORLEONE’S, A Moment’s Notice as soon as you have a spare 15 minutes and 20 seconds to do so.

Words by Flynt Nixon

Released: February 21, 2023 Region / City: Vallejo, CA

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