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2nd Kings by HXNDRX

2nd Kings is the follow-up to HXNDRX’s first release of 2022, 1st Kings. Different from the first one as there are no features and HXNDRX is going purely off his own energy and thoughts. 2nd Kings is a highly spiritual project meant to connect with the listener in intimate and vulnerable ways that aren't always present in today's artistry. This is a genuine spiritual offering from the New Orleans’ artist. There’s history, mantras, motivation and light — it’s an honest and transparent reflection of Soul, intent and the energy he’s using to make his visions and dreams tangible (while also being aware of the fact that Spiritual blessings aren’t always bestowed in physical materialism.)

The project begins with, “Sovereign Business,” and the intro of the track starts with an audio clip from Al Green. The esteemed pastor and musician gives a few words about not fusing too many genres (especially if they're in opposition) at once because it may, confuse the Lord and the devil, and therefore speaking on the hypocrisy that’s often found in music. The clip highlights that an artist can be preaching about something relating to the Higher Self but in actuality living through their Lower Self. It’s a sovereign business, in the sense that it’s your business but is it a business that gets you free and allows for a sovereign lifestyle — are you really the one in control? And if not, how do you gain control of your Being? Lowkey profound way to lay out your intent as an artist before getting into your art.

We been blessed another day so what you conquerin’ ? / I’m out here rockin’ that’s for real, so what you rockin’ with / I’m really stylin’ in the field / Out here movin’ spiritual and confident - I wrote this for the conquerin”

2nd Kings serves as a reminder of the expression of one’s Soul and Spiritual nature that represents light and can still grab Hip Hop / Rap by the reigns. Every word is a nutrient and every song is nourishment. There’s not any bragging or making the listener feel as though they’re less than because they don’t quite have the same life, amenities and resources as the artist they’re listening to. This is for the people, the spiritually minded and guided or those who seek to be in alignment with those frequencies and vulnerabilities.

After “Conquer” the project moves into one of the first songs that received video treatment, “Forgiveness,” which is exactly what the title states. Another personal song that finds it way into the universal — he’s speaking to a past or present lover and their ups and downs, support of one another, the worth they recognize in each other and possibly how to forgive and move on or forgive and move forward together in strength and faith. The wanting to find new ground with someone that makes their way back into your life. “My Realm,” is a track where HXNDRX expresses a bit more about some situations that his energy had to repel in order to evolve spiritually. Personal accountability coupled with knowing what not to accept and work with. Some references are abstract and without context but still allows for the listener to fill in what might be referenced or the listener's own personal relation.

“Let me bring you in my realm where Soul not for sale and we acknowledge what’s real.

There’s an immense amount of great lyrical content, ideas and experiences that can sit with your Soul and mind from this project. 2nd Kings is essentially a guidebook or journal of how to maintain, sustain and cultivate a truly healthy life — mind, body, spirit. This is another significant project along the journey of greatness by HXNDRX. Times are changing and its imperative to really live the life you’re meant to lead.

I’m only speakin’ on the business, that’s the mission / I can’t be rockin’ with no goofy, they be senseless / I rub shoulders with the Royals, they be listenin’ / tribal blood in the vein, how you miss this ? / tribal blood in the vein, we the remnant / tribal blood, I got mixed thru the mud / crossed that boat in the ocean thru the flood / doesn’t matter about blood we related just because.

He then also goes into the lack of true and transparent education for the youth and communities at large. To finish the project out, “David’s Outro,” begins with the importance of allowing the testimonies of others (whether you’re involved or not — good or bad,) to be an inspiration for you to give your testimony with utmost truth and accuracy. Listen for yourself. This is neither a project to miss nor an artist to ignore.

Words by Jameka Released: March 2, 2023 Region / City: New Orleans, LA

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