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70+ releases this week from the contemporary Hip Hop / Rap realm. RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Q!!! TOP LPs + EPs OF JULY 2023 - 40 projects out of the 400+ released in July are highlighted on CROWNTHEM ENT. socials [Twitter/X | Instagram | YouTube]. WEEKLY VIEWS: A weekly visual playlist hosting 10-20 recent Hip Hop / Rap music videos. | 001, 002 + 003 CROWN GEMS 002 - 130+ songs from Q2 of 2023. A majority of these songs come from LPs + EPs - although there are a couple singles. *Best* if played on shuffle!

INNERVIEW 019: One Year Anniversary of Houston Artist OQ's Album, '94 | INNERVIEW 019 was conducted by Jameka in August 2022 following the release of OQ’s recent project ‘94. | The interview is truly an inner view of the artist, his creations, processes and community that helped create a soulful ode to the Northside Houston community of Acres Homes. After a year in the tuck INNERVIEW 019 has surfaced right in time for the one year anniversary of ‘94. CROWNTHEM ENT. x SDE.

Epi 172: Unearthing Hip Hop’s Hidden Gems: The CROWNTHEM Journey by SOB: Style of Business The Podcast x Keetria | "In this episode, Keetria steps into the world of contemporary Hip Hop & Rap with Jameka, the visionary founder of CROWNTHEM ENT. During the interview, she unveils the inspiration behind her visually stunning playlist and her unwavering commitment to showcasing remarkable yet underrated artists and lyricists."

CROWN VIEWS 002: A Visual Playlist - A playlist with 110 music videos from the first quarter of 2023. Additionally, ALL PLAYLISTS are now available on YouTube. [ L O A D I N G . . . ] CROWN VIEWS 003 INNERVIEW 020 Q!! REVIEWS Q!!! TOP LP + EP RECOMMENDATIONS - [AUGUST + SEPTEMBER] FT'D ON GRAPHIC: Tha Fix Before Tha VI by Lil Wayne 1207 James St. by Don Trip Hit Me Up When U Leave the Klub: The Playlist by YG x Tyga EASTSIDE FEV by UFO Fev x GETLARGE Capital Gains by Mickey Diamond x Camouflage Monk

Noise Kandy 5 by Rome Streetz Where There’s Smoke by Malz Monday Alexandrite by AKTHESAVIOR We Buy Diabetic Test Strips by Armand Hammer

United Palace by Lord Sko Regardless by R3 The Wave by 1takejay x Low the Great CABERNET SAYER by Old Grape God You See How Things Change by D. Knight Free Samples, Vol. 2: Cool Blast by femdot. No Socks 3 by Cash Kidd GOD BODY by Reaper Mook Soulful Of It by Ian Kelly x Drew Banga Old Friends by Greg Bussie x Enrique1x Tears of The One by OneTFM The Invisible Man by Stevie Crooks The Prelude by Gotdamnitdupri Kid & Pay by HBK x Payroll Giovanni Infinite Victory Loop by Roper Williams The Golem of Brooklyn Original Soundtrack by Defcee x Messiah Musik FULL RELEASE LIST: subscribe to the site! it's free! ...FOR NOW.













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