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Largest release week yet? The artform is alive 'n well. Evolving, descending, expanding & everything in between 'n beyond.

Published earlier in the week was "RAP ALBUMS FROM THE YEAR 2022" by Sai. He he recaps 100 albums and 15 songs that served as some of his highlights from the year; acknowledging artists from Tony Shhnow, RX Papi, Popstar Benny, billy woods and many more.

1 more recap coming this week.

1.27.2023 Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still A Wolf by Styles P El Cantante by CRIMEAPPLE F.I.R.E. by Starz Coleman x godBLESSbeatz Gotham City by Don Trip Dead Poets by Eto x Futurewave SugaHill by YeloHill x Suga Free Farewell, my friend. by Thes One Welcome 2 Room 39 by Ty Farris x Trox left4dead 3 by bbymutha Jp Day 1s by Junglepussy Money Family Respect by Celly Ru LOVE IS WAR by Reuben Vincent In The Meantime by Will Hill University! by Popstar Benny DARK SHOGUNN ASSASSIN by Tha God Fahim x Camoflauge Monk SWEAR FO GOD by Chavis Chandler x Bo404 INSTRUMENTALS ISSUE #3 by IM’PERETIV PLANET UNFAITHFUL EP by Fatboi Sharif x Roper Williams Red Brick Dust by Indigo Phoenyx x Kwenu Scribble Face by AWOL One The Big Lebowskiii: The Story of Eastside Jesus by Teller Bank$ Parables of The Sower by Ja’King The Divine IT Was All a Dream by Reggie Rare Let’s Start Here by Lil Yachty Clark Street Baby by BiC Fizzle The Kickback by Brody Brown Bender’s New Grooves by Dom Venice Buried Emotions by Spiffie Luciano THINKSTRUMENTALS by Dreddy Kruger The Lonestar (Side A) / The Lonestar (Side B) by Bo Bundy It's Amazing by Bouba Savage WAR LORD by Talibando 448 Pt. 2 by Dai Ballin Ball Til We Fall by TGE L Masi x MarijuanaXO Go Crazy EP by HOP3 Da Don Hoochie-Ville EP by TrapDoll Whoop Jesus Piece Revival by GRIM MOSES Still Learning by Free Game Griff 4th Wall by Tony Tone Moneygram 2 by Adro Wake Up EP by 27Delly Fly Langston by Shaw Calhoune Blank Kanvas by Kash Flow Stuck In My Ways by Summrs MANN IM HAUS by Loredana Dirty South by Rua Forever Da Menace by Anti Da Menace x FOREVEROLLING Diamonds Lost At Sea by Cam Farias x Day Andrade x Jamar Johnson Spoken Letters Deluxe by Trey Posey Malvatrem by Slipmami No More Heroes by Spinabenz Secret Formula by Aflacko Tag Team Championships by Ryan Milla (1/30/2023)


Although it is 2023 we're still releasing our wrap-ups/recaps of 2022. This last week "Top Canadian Hip-Hop Albums of 2022" by Alex Kuchma was published, a thread highlighting "The Best of 2022" by Xlo, and a couple weeks ago "2022 Hip-Hop Televised" by Monk was also published.

Additionally, we have 2 more recaps coming in the next week. (Subscribe to the site and get notified before they hit social sites.) 1.20.2023

A Lesson To Be Learned (Refreshed) by RBL Posse x DJ.Fresh

To What End by Oddisee

Born in it 2 (Really) by Chippass

Indiana Jones by Boldy James x Rich Gains

Lunch by Chiddy Bang DIMENSIONS N' DEMOS by Ron Obasi N' Friends

Organized Crime 2 by Allstar JR

Samples of Eden by Phonk P x godBLESSbeatz

Black Bottom by Sh3llz

Experienced by Regular Repty

Dangerous II by A.P. Da Overlord (Allah Preme) x True Cipher

Chess Moves by Tha God Fahim x NicoJP The Anubis Archives (Side B) by INDIGO PHOENYX x King David Beatz

Stop Playing With Me by Kia Leiani

Radio Days by Bobby J From Rockaway x Nef

Before The Gloss Up by Gloss Up

Like…? by Ice Spice

Pray by Lil Tracy x Drippin So Pretty

What Will It Take by BlackLiq x ohbliv (on DSPs now) The Harvest by King Adroit x Intifada Beats

Wish You Well by Griff Tyler

Living On The Edge by Jyou

Lover’s Quarrel by NAE


Lyrics to GO, Vol. 4 by Kota the Friend It Was Fun While It Lasted by Kayo

MAVO Vol. 1 by The Last Maven

Trife God 2 by EBK BCKDOE

Deranged by YCB Frenzy


Classroom Hero by Lonni Monae

Ea$y & Chill by Ea$y Money x Chilla Jones


R&G by Slim Guerilla x Genshin

Same Old Different New… by FRD FRLN

SLANG POETRY by Ralphiie Reese

Thee Almight Threesus by TayF3rd


FLIPS V1: Triple Lindy by Sndtrak

Stand On Business by DNYC3 x ECLIP$E

Mansion Musik by Trippie Redd

PAP on P.E.D.’s by Papo2oo4

Pink House by Boogotti Kasino


There is a lot of music within this list that is very much worthy of a listen. If you find something new I hope it meets you where it needs to. Also, if you're here please consider subscribing to the site to stay tapped in and know when we publish before it hits social sites. We have some pretty exciting things on the way in the upcoming weeks as well as throughout the year.

1.13.2023 RELEASES

In The Beginning, Vol. 3 by Declaime x Madlib The Mind of a Saint by Skyzoo Devil’s Due by Elcamino x TrickyTrippz (on DSPs now - released in 2021) Oroku Saki by Mickey Diamond x Ral Duke Blockstar Ranger (In The Name Of Fire) by A.P. Da Overlord Free 03 by 03 Greedo Madden by Dan Nicholson Might Not Make It by ZelooperZ Mom, Can You Come Pick Me Up (New Age Chicago Steppers Set Anthems) by Chris Crack

GUANAHANI by Obijuan x dylantheinfamous Still Hurt by Airplane James Big Castle by Pricy Pop Songs for the Apocalypse by Jason Griff x Alaska FAX by Fashawn x Marc Spano LOST FILES 2 by Southside Hoodlum The Spokesman 3 by Mac God Dbo Angels Never Die by Luke Bar$ It Was Me by DeAngelo Jamess SELF PHONE by VNGRD The Son’s Shine by Silky Southern The Harvest by King Adroit x Intifada Before The Fire, Vol. 1 by RIPXL IV by JUNE! HOMETEAM by P. James Walking Aimless by Nebula. GODSPEED by Shopwitme Guillotines On The East by Da Commissioner x YP NU BALANCE by Nelson Bandela amavi by Jeh White More; DEMOS by olde. Well Why Not by C Dot Hall x The Standouts If Antonio Survived by Masethemessiah Penitentiary Baby by FLYKHI Back From The Future 2 by Rich Rocka x Deedotwill B All You Can B by Lil Beezy Humble As Ever by Hunxho After The Curse by 21 Lil Harold Cartel Crazy by Acito x Armani DePaul Butcher House by Sematary Rap Game Awful by Clavish Bin Reaper 3 by BabyTron Snow, Vol. 7 by Wun Two GAME day ! + * by Staggr altopalo on Audiotree Live by altopalo motion! EP by Frank Leone


We're back with 30+ releases from the first week of the new year. A variety of artists, sounds from an array of regions. Be sure to support these artists where seems fit and check out some new and unfamiliar names.


Guide to World’s Greatest Cities by MURS

Rollin Stone by J. Stone x DJ Drama

I Let My Tape Rock Til My Tape Drop by Thought Provokah


For The Love Of Money by Ro J. x Saddiq

Player Games, Pt. 2 by Westside Webb

The Players Retreat by Monroe Flow x Dvme

Good Company by Monday Night x 3wayslim

End Of The Year 3 by JohnNY UniteUs

Tew Be Continued by Miss Kam

12 Days of Christmas and Dia de Los Reyes by Homeboy Sandman




Homie Don’t Play Dat by Trav Hen

In Da Car by Tia Tutt Indica Music by AJ Suede GONE 4 THE WINTER by DXPE


Sincerely A G by Jimmy Waters


Playa Exclusives by Adro FLANNERY by RONTHEGREAT

TROO BLOO by Bloo Azul x The Standouts

Diamante De Las Madres by XP The Marxman

24hr Casino by 24hrs x Kino Beats

Motion Luther King JR by JUST BANG

Coke Boys 6 by French Montana x DJ Drama

Thank Us Later by OTM

Public Housing, Pt. 2 by Real Boston Richey

I Rest My Case by NBA Youngboy

30 M’s by Johnny Cinco

Middle East by E Mozzy x Celly Ru

I'll Be Back by Q Da Fool

5 DEGREES by DUSTY LOCANE x Kajun Waters

On The Yeah Side 2 by Shaudy Kash x Top$ide

OMAHA by LaRussell x Hokage Simon

Sunday Service by Mi5ta

DARK HEART by El Hitta

Lost Files 4 by Ken Carson

Way of the Scrumble by Scrumbleman

Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them by Peanuts

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